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Dr. DeLain has been a member of the American College of Forensic Examiners International [ACFEI], since January 1999 through 2016, with Fellow Status and Psychological Specialties Diplomate Certification in Child Custody Evaluation.  Also, membership in The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, from May 2008 to 2016.

Dr. DeLain is not currently accepting new referrals.  Services have been provided in Court Referrals for the following:
  • Co-Parenting Counseling [Individual; & Co-parents together in collaboration with another treatment provider who provides Individual for the other Co-Parent]
  • Parent-Child / Family Psychotherapy
  • Gatekeeper role of coordinating professional treatment teams and recommendations to Court
  • Preliminary contact is required by the Guardian ad Litem Attorney prior to acceptance of referrals.
Dr. DeLain is not accepting Custody Evaluation referrals at this time. 

Child Custody Evaluations provided since 1993, covering numerous counties including:
  • Brown
  • Door
  • Kewaunee
  • Outagamie
  • Marathon
  • Shawano
  • Oconto
  • Marinette
  • Portage

Stipulation & Court Order for Psychological Evaluations of the parents and children by Dr. DeLain is required as facilitated by the Guardian ad Litem [G.A.L.] Attorney who represents the children. 

Dr. DeLain always represents the best interests of the child(ren) involved in each case, regardless of referral source. American Psychological Association [APA] Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings are utilized as the protocol for assessment.

The evaluating psychologist collaborates with the Guardian ad Litem [and Family Court Custody Evaluator in Outagamie County].

Assessment Interviews take place at the evaluator's office address [In-home studies are not provided]. It may take 4 to 6 weeks to get into the evaluator's schedule. The time span of a typical evaluation is approximately 3 months, although this varies according to individual cases.

Fees for Assessment:
$225.00 per hour of interview/ test interpretation/ collateral contact/ records review/ report writing time. Insurance is NOT billed for legal evaluations. Retainer is required at the time of first appointment, and represents an estimate of the majority of anticipated costs for the evaluation.

The retainer is set at $2000.00 per adult evaluated, plus an additional $650.00 per child age 5 and older [$325.00 per child from each parent].
Final payment is required before completion & release of the Family Report to Court.

Deposition & Court Testimony Fees:
$395.00 per hour; retainer required two weeks prior to date of testimony. Advance notice of at least one month by the G.A.L. attorney is often required to schedule testimony. The evaluator's scheduled appointments may not be canceled for testimony. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are typically set aside for testimony. The evaluator's office is in Green Bay. Telephonic testimony is an option for testimony required when extended travel time is not an option.

Parents contact Psychologie Clinique to set up the following separate appointments:

  1. Registration & Completion of Personality Tests & Information [In Dr. DeLain's waiting room; approximately 8 hours to complete, & may be accomplished across separate days/ appointments
  2. First 2- hour Clinical Interview Appointment [Each parent is seen once for interview, prior to either parent returning for their second interview & evaluation appointment]
  3. Second 2-hour Follow-Up Interview & Assessment Appointment [This may be approximately 3 hours in length].

Children age 5 and older are seen individually, with the parent[s] required to remain present and available in the waiting room during the evaluation.  Children from infancy through age 4 are seen along with their parent for a one-hour appointment with Dr. DeLain. 

Protocol for evaluation may vary, depending upon needs of the case.
Parents may bring a list of professional and personal reference contacts, including addresses and phone numbers. Professional contacts may include therapists/ counselors, day care providers, teachers, physicians, etc. Parents are allowed to provide pertinent data to supplement their interviews, UNLESS otherwise indicated by Court Order.

Dr. DeLain's office assists in scheduling, once there is a Court Order, acceptance of the referral, and payment of the requested retainer. 

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