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   Dr DeLain's psychotherapy practice is full at this time and not currently accepting new referrals.  


           Please see RESOURCES page for links to locate another psychologist provider. 

If you are planning to utilize insurance benefits for psychotherapy, please contact your insurance company & ask about your outpatient mental health benefits.  Depending upon your plan, you may be directed to a list of in-network providers in your area.  It's very helpful to ask what your insurance benefits are for psychotherapy, if you have a deductible to meet, and what your co-pay per session is.  When insurance benefits are not available, you may ask if the provider has a private pay rate available.  

More than just a chat...

Psychotherapy is a unique & individual journey,


reaching deep into who you are


& where you're going...


 ... is offered to the individual, couple, or family interested in gaining new perspective... 


... on an old problem


... in a difficult circumstance


... in furthering personal change & life satisfaction

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